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Superior Access Hire

6ft Aluminium Trestles(Adjustable) - 1.8m

6ft Aluminium Trestles(Adjustable) - 1.8m

A light and very manoeuvrable product, designed to be used in pairs and in conjunction with scaffold planks, to provide a safe and adjustable work platform to high places. A range of heights are available. 4 built in leg levellers that extend out over 300mm for rough or uneven terrain and extra height.

Size & Pricing:

The following pricing does not include delivery & collection. The full cost, incl. Transport will be included in your quote. FOR ERECTION AND DISMANTLING PLEASE CALL (07)37053089

  • 1.8m $17.00 p/day or $28.00 p/week


  • Painting
  • HVAC & Electrical Installations
  • Building Maintenance and Construction
  • Window Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Lighting and CCTV Installations
  • Signage and Cleaning 
  • Landscape Maintenance / Tree Trimming
  • Plumbing Work 
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